Bringing innovative medicines
to China

from around the globe


To improve patient care by partnering with innovative companies from around the world to accelerate drug development and bring new medicines to China

Build a World Leading Company

Create a durable organization focused on development of innovative medicines addressing significant medical needs

Accelerate Clinical Development

Optimize development of new medicines by leveraging opportunities in China through local partnerships

Transform Medical Practice

Identify and bring to market new medicines that improve medical care in Greater China and beyond
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Blossom Bioscience was co-founded and incubated by Cormorant Asset Management and Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group. A $72M Series A financing was completed in June 2021 co-led by Cormorant and Hansoh.

Blossom Bioscience has robust capabilities and capital to advance innovative medicines through clinical development. Our partnership with Hansoh Pharma provides development capabilities and expertise in China to bring novel treatments to patients in need. Our close relationship with Cormorant Asset Management enhances licensing activities with access to its extensive global biotech network.